Issues to Look Out for After Getting a Sand Filter System

A sand filter system is an assortment of components which work together to provide clean water. The more the sand filter collects dirt particles, the more efficient your system is. This results in purified water that can be safe for a broad range of human activities. When looking to purchase a sand filter system, here are some facts you may want to consider.

1. Common Problems With the Sand Filter System – Every mechanical product cannot exist without some problems. The sand filter system, for instance, becomes mudballed after a long period of service. This refers to the availability of oily gunk clumps within the system which reduce its efficiency. Another common issue with the sand filter systems is that over time, they may become channeled. This refers to the instances where the filtered water has formed some holes in the sand which force it to stream right through in channels. The system can also be calcified after extended usage in places with hard water. This is caused by the formation of calcium deposits from the water which eventually turns the filter into sandstone. Other problems can be caused by the size of the pool pump or the balance of water. Both of these issues have the possibility of causing deterioration to the filter systems. However, having the perfectly sized system for your home can offer service for as long as ten years between sand changes. To prevent the filter from being mudballed, perform yearly cleaning services which will ensure your entire system functions properly without instances of gumming up.

2. Leaking Sand Filter Systems – It is quite unusual for sand filter systems to have a leakage. However, if this occurs, then it will be around the valve connection area. Many of the people who experience this claim that the water usually leaks from the backwash port at the six position valve. In situations where the sand filter tank is leaking, then do not hesitate to replace it as soon as possible. This is because there currently exists no certain and efficient methods to patch up the filter tanks. Leaks which exist at the top mounted valve, as well as the dome area, can be repaired. This, however, should be done by a professional to prevent aggravating the problem or damaging the entire system. Another common leaking point of the sand filter systems is the drain assembly. While experiencing a leak, always try to investigate and figure out whether the leak hails from the assembly joined to the body of the tank. The leak might also be coming from a plug or cup. Most of the plugs come with gaskets that require timely replacement to avoid the leakages.