Easy Pro-Active Septic Tank System Maintenance

Septic tank maintenance is a year-round task you cannot afford to neglect. For too many property owners with septic tank systems, the focus has always been on keeping up with the cleaning and pumping out schedule. The truth is, there is so much that you can do, or not do, every day, that will help your septic maintenance efforts.

Take Care of Plumbing Repairs

Ensure that you take care of plumbing repairs, and particularly, leaks, as soon as possible. Leaky piping and plumbing fixtures will leave your septic system with more water to deal with, and your system has to overwork to deal with the overload.

A drip every second may not seem like much, but there is no telling the kind of strain it may put on your system's inlet pipes and other components. Take care of these plumbing repairs, and it will be a plus for preventive septic tank maintenance.

Watch Your Water Usage

Just as with the plumbing leaks, if you don't check on your intentional water usage, you will only end up overworking your septic system. This will force you to spend on septic tank maintenance, not to mention the fact that your system's longevity may be jeopardised.

Make every effort to conserve water, and you won't have to worry about spending too much on septic tank maintenance and repairs. Avoid long showers, check your water use when doing hand dishwashing, among other things to conserve water. You may also want to invest in more water-efficient fixtures.

Keep Plants Away

If you must plant something over or near your septic tank system, stick to the grass. You run the risk of root ingression that may cause severe damage to your system's piping if you plant anything else, and particularly, plants with deep roots. Septic tank maintenance and repair costs after this kind of damage can run quite high.

Careful with What Goes Down the Drain

Don't flush wipes or anything else apart from waste and toilet paper down your toilet. Avoid letting grease and oils down your kitchen sink. These will all clog your piping. You should also avoid using chemical cleaners to clear the clogs, as they may harm the bacteria that break down waste in your septic tank. You can avoid costly septic tank maintenance if you avoid sending some things down your drain.

Easy-to-follow do's and don'ts, as outlined, can save you a lot of money on septic tank maintenance. Better to prevent problems than to have to take care of them later.

For information on septic tank maintenance, reach out to a local septic service.